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The Chamber of Engineering Industries organizes visits to Assiut and Port Said factories, February 2021
The seventh day: a message from aluminum
The seventh day: Sources suggest announcing gas prices for factories soon, and a trend to reduce prices
Country Echo: No books or invoices - Minister of Finance for Small Business Owners: Determine your tax amount yourself
الاعلامية / شيرين فاروق و مصر في اسبوع م / محمد المهندس رئيس غرفة الصناعات الهندسية ١٧-١٢-٢٠٢٠
محمد المهندس ننفذ تكليفات الرئيس بإحلال المكون المحلي بديل اللمستورد
Seventh day: The Minister of Trade completed the procedures for disbursing the dues of 323 exporting companies worth 2.3 billion pounds
Seventh day: Industrial Development will complete studies of requests for privatizing industrial complexes next month
Factory electricity prices increase costs and put pressure on productive sectors
Crises and complaints ... Why is the application of the local product preference law stalled? | photo
Minister of Industry: Canceling all expenses incurred by the applicant to establish a factory and reducing the reservation deposit to 10,000 pounds
The seventh day: 10 goals for the new customs law, including digital transformation
Day Seven: Businessman Yusra Qutb For the seventh day energy prices in Egypt are higher than our competitors
Telecom In a meeting chaired by Eng. Ibrahim Al-Arabi Digital Economy launches the first phase
Businessman Ahmed Abdel-Gawad for the seventh day we are facing an unequal battle with imported products
دليل الصناعات الهندسية 2021
Echo of the country: to offer to amend the customs tariff. The Federation of Industries taxes will resume their meetings tomorrow
Vito Gate: The engineering industries discuss the challenges of the sector with the activation of the local product preference law
Al-Ahram Gate, the Ministry of Trade, granted a 6-month period for producers and importers of energy-saving electric motors to reconcile their situation
The government launches an initiative for immediate payment of late export support dues in exchange
People of Egypt: Federation of Industries we need more workers in technological specialties
Minister of Industry, preparation of a law allowing the abolition of the real estate tax on factories
the business community lowering the interest rate is a step to encourage investment and increase production
The Ministry of Industry obliges the producers and importers of electric motors to meet the standard specifications for energy levels
Chairman of the Customs Committee of the Federation of Industries expects an increase in the investments of feeding industries supported by the abolition of customs
Chamber of Engineering Industries complains about drinking water Qalyubia for this reason
New customs adjustments
Al-Wafd: Ghali, Topji, Dimitri and Khair wins the Board of Directors of the German Chamber
The Federation of Industries calls on the Ministers of Finance and Industry to open
The Federation of Industries calls on the Ministers of Finance and Industry to open
The Federation of Industries calls on the Ministers of Finance and Industry to open the way for the local company in the project of developing the Delta Fertilizer Company
Habi Newspaper: The Central Authority is directing to develop a new credit facilities structure that suits customers ability to repay
Al Shorouk Newspaper: The Minister of Industry is keen to open new horizons for Egyptian exports in the Mercosur market
Haby Newspaper: Sherif El-Gabaly the search for import alternatives is the first step to reciprocate
The seventh day: Export control has stopped 224 companies from importing due to violating the factory registration decision
Finance: The issuance of a new customs tax law that includes many provisions
Al-Masry Al-Youm: Engineering Industries invites its members to inform them of the obstacles facing industrial development
We will publish the list of duty-free goods on the first of September according to the Mercosur agreement
The House of Representatives passes amendments to the Commercial Registry Law by majority
حلقة برنامج مساحة حرة تفاصيل اعادة احياء ملف الصناعات القومية لبناء الدولة الحديثة مع المهندس محمد المهندس رئيس الغرفة
Al-Watan: The Chairman of the Energy Committee demands that the industry and export subsidies be spent in cash
Egypt News: Engineering Industries: The next stage of what is deceiving you is witnessing a turnout
The Engineering Chamber asks when the Local Product Preference Committee meets
The Engineering Chamber asks when the Local Product Preference Committee meets
Engineering industries address commerce and industry to activate the local product preference law
Federation of Industries: Studies to reduce energy prices for factories to encourage production
Niles Media: The Prime Minister issues a decision to consider next Thursday as a holiday on the occasion of the Hijri New Year
Al-Ahram Gate: A memorandum from the Chamber of Engineering Industries to the Minister of Industry to activate the local product preference law
Day 7: The Chamber of Engineering Industries files a complaint to the industry to activate the local product preference law
برنامج الاقتصاد والناس تقديم مبادرة ما تغلاش عليك
قرار وزير التجارة والصناعة رقم 362 لسنة 2020 بتشكيل لجنة مراجعة اعمال مجلس ادارة هيئة التنمية الصناعية
The new head of the Industrial Development Authority takes office tomorrow and for a year
The Ministry of Industry decides to cancel the standard for manual dry chemical powder fire extinguishers
Day Seven: With the governments tendency to scrape shattered cars ... do owners cars take out scrap
Al-Ahram Gate: The decision to convert cars from gasoline to gas will include 2 million cars ... and implementation will not be less than 10 years
The consumption initiative and the encouragement of the demand for the local product start in late July
Al-Masry Al-Youm: Finance exempt engineering industries from the fee for developing state resources
Money: The Federation of Industries begins inventorying the factories participating in the consumption stimulus initiative
Al-Mal : The Federation of Industries begins inventorying the factories participating in the initiative to stimulate consumption
7 Day : The Minister of Industry scraps any car over 20 years old and we will consider it the new presenter
Local product consumption stimulus initiative launched last week of July 2020
VITO Gate: List locally imported products
Veto Gate: Engineering Industries to address Ministers revision of Law No 83 on Development Fee
Al-Watan: Engineering Industries demands a review of development fees imposed on raw materials
Al-Watan: Engineering Industries demands a review of development fees imposed on raw materials
7 Day: The Minister of Industry sends a memorandum to know the companies demands .. And Samir Noman: Reducing the price of gas
Industrial investors: We are waiting for the implementation of the ministers ’decisions to reduce the gas burden on the factories
Money: Export for Engineering Industries, the final list of awards for international organizations for the promotion of trade 2020
Power News: The Macao General Assembly renews confidence in the Board of Directors headed by Bassim Youssef for a period of 3 years
Al-Ahram Gate: The Prime Minister is following the developments of the initiative to stimulate consumption and encourage local products
Nile Pioneers Gate In cooperation with the Nile Pioneers Export Initiative for Engineering Industries launches an innovation program to grow your business
Day 7: The Federation of Industries holds a workshop on "Improving Energy Efficiency Management in Industrial Establishments."
Mohamed Al-Mohandes welcomes the decision of the ministers to provide purchasing agencies needs for local production
Central Bank: Disrupting banking operations on Wednesday and Thursday and returning Sunday  
Veto Gate: Engineering Industries: the availability of trained technical personnel is an urgent necessity at the present time
Day Seven: A cooperation protocol between local development and the Federation of Industries to implement your initiative in your village
Al-Shorouk: The central bank notifies the customers listed in the negative and blacklists of removing them from them and launching their freedom to deal with banks
Day Seven: Postponing the installments of industrial units and lands to complete projects until July 31
Al-Ahram Gate: The Minister of Finance decides to amend some provisions of the Income Tax Regulations
Al-Ahram Gate: Exporting Engineering Industries defines the next 6 months business plan
Engineering Industries" commends the decision to reduce the burdens of troubled industries
The People of Egypt: The Federation of Industries: Lower gas prices are an urgent and necessary requirement to reduce the burden on manufacturers
Postponing the application of the compulsory pricing of alcohol and muffles for two months
The Prime Minister: The factories and the movements of their employees are exempt from the curfew
 A presidential mandate to promote actions in support of the business community
The Minister of Industry visits transit factories to ensure regular production and implement safety standards
Day Seven: The Federation of Industries to increase exports requires overcoming obstacles to exports to Africa
Money: The Universal Workers Group is a trust in our neck ... and we will not abandon them
Engineering industries donate one million pounds to the unified procurement authority to confront the Corona virus

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