The General Division for Digital Economy and Technology of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce announced the official launch of the first phase of the “Tawteen” initiative in January 2021 in cooperation with the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) and a number of banks operating in the Egyptian market. This came during a meeting of the Division’s Board of Directors headed by Eng. Ibrahim Al-Arabi, President of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce. This comes within the framework of the steps it is taking to transform into a cash society, spreading the culture of financial inclusion and electronic payments, facilitating the transactions of individuals and merchants, and facilitating the sale and purchase processes between merchants and customers. Eng. Ibrahim El-Araby, President of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, said that the initiative comes within the framework of the role the federation plays in Egypt as the legitimate father of merchants, as the initiative comes to coincide with the victories of the Sixth of October with the aim of stimulating small, micro and medium companies to benefit from the technological transformation and create opportunities New non-traditional work for companies and opening new markets for companies and entrepreneurs, stressing that the initiative works to achieve the desired goals of the Egyptian government by working to develop the trade system and achieve the goals of financial inclusion and digital transformation. For his part, Eng. Khalil Hassan Khalil, Head of the General Division for Digital Economy and Technology at the Federation of Chambers of Commerce, affirmed that the “Tawteen” initiative aims to automate 400,000 merchants over three years in the retail sector and include them in the digital economy, financial inclusion and digital payments, and provide them with easy financing through Our partners are national banks, and in cooperation with various institutions active in the retail sector, whether from strategic suppliers or suppliers of technological solutions, through a clear vision to activate the commercial sectors and promote the use of smart solutions and electronic payment programs at all levels to reach higher levels of financial inclusion. The initiative also aims to cover the largest possible number of entrepreneurs and medium, small and micro-enterprises in all governorates, in order to expand the use of technology throughout Egypt and modernize patterns of internal trade, and the scope of the initiative includes every commercial store that has a commercial register and lacks the use of technology in its various forms, and includes the target groups Grocery stores and platforms for selling food products of all kinds, small pharmacies, small restaurants, and retail platforms of various products. He added that the services provided by the initiative are divided into two types: electronic and financial, whereby the beneficiaries of the initiative receive a loan of 30,000 to 50,000 pounds, divided into 20,000 pounds to create a new technological solution, hardware and software or more, and 10,000 pounds as cash financing to buy the goods that are traded. With the customer and facilitating his sales movement, the payment is made in installments for a period of 36 months. The electronic products that the customer can buy also include: technological solutions (office or laptop devices) and software, barcode printing and scanning devices, surveillance cameras, and any other devices that meet the specifications. Specified. In order to ensure the success of the initiative, Khalil explained, that each of the parties to the initiative has a large and effective role, for example banks: they finance loans to target clients, taking into account the volume of their trade, by providing soft loans and through an extended payment plan that allows customers to pay comfortably and easily, as well as banks. Another role as a market for the initiative through the customer service departments charged with communicating with the target segments, explaining the initiative and urging them to participate in it. The main suppliers cover most of the republic and therefore their participation in the marketing of the initiative will have a significant impact on its spread in a positive way, as this will benefit these companies through the financing part of the purchase of goods, which will move their supply wheel, and also the suppliers of electronic devices can also use the suppliers of devices. Online marketing by marketing their products directly to the target customers with the launch of the initiative and marketing to facilitate the purchase of electronic products through the Tawteen initiative. Electronic payment companies will also act as a financial intermediary, where customers can be provided with loans and make the required payments through electronic payment devices.

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