Mohamed El-Mohandes, Chairman of the Chamber of Engineering Industries of the Federation of Industries confirmed that the chamber addressed its members to find out the most important challenges and obstacles that the members face, whether with regard to any problems related to dealing with the Industrial Development Authority, and the challenges facing manufacturers in activating Law 5 to favor local product.

The engineer added to "Vito" that these two issues are at the forefront of the important issues facing the industry in the sector.

He pointed out that the chamber had previously met with Major General Muhammad Zalat, head of the Industrial Development Authority, explaining that we are one of the first industrial chambers that took the initiative to meet with the head of the authority after a decision appointing him, pointing out that the challenges facing industrialists in the sector were reviewed, and the proposal to form a team was reviewed. He worked from the authority to work on discussing and solving the problems of the engineering industries sector makers

He added that these challenges and obstacles facing manufacturers in all fields of the engineering industries sector are being quantified, noting that this is expected to be reflected in the interest of the product, pointing out that the importance of activating Law No. 5 of 2015 to favor the local product in government contracts.

The engineer said that there is a lack of commitment by some government agencies to activate the law, pointing out that the industrial product preference committee has only been held once since its establishment, calling for the need to hold a meeting of the committee that was used

He indicated that the chamber had previously sent a memorandum to Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry, to activate the local product preference law, calling for the importance of seeking the assistance of the committee that has not met since the issuance of Law 5 to activate the local product in government contracts for 5 years, except only once.

The engineer called for the importance of revitalizing the committee’s role in support of the national industry and to confront imported products subsidized by its country in line with the current initiative of the President of the Republic to encourage national industry.

It is noteworthy that Law No. 5 of 2015 regarding the preference for Egyptian products in government contracts, its provisions apply to purchase contracts and project contracts concluded by the units of the states administrative apparatus such as ministries, departments and agencies, to local administration units, to public bodies, public sector companies and public business sector companies.

 Despite the issuance of the law in 2015, there was no real activation of the law, and there was no specific mechanism to force government agencies to prefer locally manufactured products in their contracts, and they were relying on imported goods.

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The Chamber is established by the Republican Decree No. 453 of 1958, which is one of the 20 industrial chambers of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, which includes about 4000 members, by virtue of the establishment decision, it covers the engineering industries sector in Egypt through 10 divisions.

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