Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry, issued a ministerial decision to oblige producers and importers of electric motors to control production and import in accordance with the Egyptian Standard No. 2623 - 3/2017 concerning energy levels for electric motors, and this decision shall be effective as of the day following the date of its publication in the Egyptian Journal.

The second article of the decree stipulates that engines be tested with regard to energy efficiency and energy efficiency levels are verified according to the Egyptian standard specifications No.M.M.M. 2623-1-2015 and the amendments received to them or accompanied by an approved certificate confirming their conformity to the level of energy efficiency in accordance with the Egyptian standard specifications concerned with this class .

The decision also stipulated that producers and importers be given a period of six months from the date of implementation of this decision to reconcile their situation in accordance with its provisions regarding the obligation to install a special dashboard for each engine in a visible place while adhering to all the required data on the dashboard in accordance with the Egyptian Standard No. 82628-1/2019 and announcing The degree of energy efficiency (IE Code) according to the tables of efficiency degrees of electric motors mentioned in the Egyptian Standard No. MFM 2623-3 / 2017 Rotary electrical machines - Part Three- Efficiency degrees for AC motors that work directly on the line (IE Code).

With regard to modern three-sided motors with squirrel cage capacities of 0.75 kilowatts to 375 kilowatts, the decision obligated the producers and importers of electric motors to produce and import with an energy efficiency rating of no less than (IE3) while giving them a period of 18 months from the date of the decision to reconcile their situation, provided that The supervisory bodies concerned with examining and investigating the degrees of efficiency of engines according to the Egyptian Standard No. 3262-3/2017 and the Egyptian Standard No. 3262-1/2015 according to the procedures in force.

The decision also stipulated that the employees of the concerned administrative bodies who hold the capacity of judicial control officers shall have proof of crimes committed in violation of the provisions of this decision, and for which the penalties stipulated in the provisions of the Suppression and Deception Law No. 48 of 1941 and its amendments are applied.

In this context, Minister of Trade and Industry Nevin Jameh explained that the issuance of this decision comes within the framework of the "production using smart technology and energy efficiency" program implemented by the ministry in cooperation with the International Finance Corporation (IFC) funded by the Danish Agency for International Development and the Comprehensive Green Growth Fund in the Middle East and North Africa. Africa, the Korean Green Growth Partnership and the Korea Energy Agency totaling $ 2.3 million, noting that the project aims to increase the use of energy-saving electric motors and stimulate investment in manufacturing energy-saving technology and increase its availability and use in industry.

Jameh indicated that the production program for the use of smart technology and energy efficiency, which was launched in 2015, aims to increase the competitiveness of the industrial sector by raising the efficiency of energy use in the industry while mitigating the impact of the increase in energy prices as a result of the gradual increase in subsidies, stressing that the program has achieved positive results that included setting Standard specification for power levels for electric motors No. 2623-3 / 2017 and developing a roadmap for the local manufacture of energy-saving electric motors components, in addition to cooperation with ABB International on establishing a measurement laboratory specialized in engine energy efficiency tests to match the technical standards for motors in Egypt with the standards used internationally.        

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