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Federation of Industries held a meeting to discuss the executive regulations of the new law
The Federation of Industries is looking to attract investment and cooperation in Berlin
Day 7: The Federation of Industries delegation starts its program in Berlin by visiting the Siemens gas turbine plant
Day 7: The senior management requires the continuation of imposing duties on the imports of billet iron
ElMohanes: Amendments to the Code of Tax Procedures are catastrophic and adversely affect investment
Ahram Gate: Prime Minister issued decisions to establish 19 industrial chambers
Day 7 The Export Council of Engineering Industries organizes a trade mission to Senegal  
Confirmation of the seventh day .. Abdul Aziz Sharif Acting Chairman of the Export Development Authority
Federation of Industries holds a training course entitled e-marketing
Vito Gate Engineering Industries demands banking facilities to restart the stalled factories
Finance: Disbursement of full arrears of export subsidies for small businesses immediately
Al Watan: Madbouly is interested in industry at the top of the countrys priorities at that stage  
Veto: Quarries submit a memorandum to the Federation of Industries and Industry Parliament to present the problems of the sector
Constitution: Agreement between the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industries
Today .. Advisory Committee at the Ministry of Industry resolves the fate of import duties - pallet
El Wafd: Industry is a new bridge for partnership between the state and the private sector
Al Masry Al Youm: The government is looking to break financial interlocking between ministries
Echo of the country: includes the reduction of car prices .. Government: a proposed strategy to stimulate the car industry in Egypt
Stock Exchange: Madbouly instructs finance to quickly disburse arrears of export subsidies
Day 7: Engineering Industries We focus on sanitary and electrical appliances
Al Ahram Gate: Industrial Development and the Investment Authority are looking to overcome the obstacles of industrial investment
Day 7: Industries discuss with banks to optimize the use of the central initiative to finance small and medium enterprises
Investment: Increase versus utilization of existing projects
Federation of Industries discusses the establishment of a logistics center for engineering industries with the Ambassador of Rwanda
The Federation of Industries participates in the preparation of the income tax law and value added amendments
Ahram Gate: Engineering Chamber honors Ambassador of Rwanda .. Saleh: proud of my time in Cairo
Day 7: Prime Minister meets heads of minibus companies to discuss the production of gas-powered vehicles
Day 7: The Minister of Industry suspends the Industrial Development Regulation and forms a committee to review it
Day 7: 5 documents to extract the commercial register of solidarity companies
Day 7: A joint cooperation between Arab Manufacturing and a German company in the manufacture of surveillance cameras
Akhbar Al Youm: Ibrahim_Arabi as President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce
Medical instruments: We are having trouble registering products in the EU
Vito Gate: Engineering industries demand to set priorities on the launch of the investment zones gate
Ministers will be able to provide land for arrears to exporters next month
Moeat: New facilities for customs dealers
Bourse: Federation of Industries We made proposals to avoid the iron crisis before the decision
Echo of the country: Export of engineering goods calls for the provision of support budget for external exhibitions to benefit from the program of refund of burdens  
Al-Masry Al-Youm: The Supreme Council for Community Dialogue sets a minimum wage for workers in the private sector
Day 7: Finance is going to merge the tax and value added and mechanization of tax procedures
Seventh day: Advisor Mohamed Abdel Wahab Acting Executive Chairman of the Investment Authority
Al - Ahram Gate: The program of improving the productivity of companies training course in the Union of Egyptian Industries
Al Ahram: Union of Industries signs an agreement with the Italian side to enhance cooperation
Al-Ahram Gate: Protocol of cooperation between the Chamber of Engineering Industries and the Department of Chemistry
Al-Watan: Trade constitutes an anti-corruption committee headed by the head of the Amiri Press
Seventh day: Is the allocation of 100 million pounds for foreign exhibitions enough to plan the export councils
Al-Alam Al-Youm: Ministry of Investment Launches Second Version of Egypt Investment Map
World Today: Inventory of imported electrical equipment commissioned by the Prime Minister
Al Ahram Portal: The first mobile factory in the world to produce ice sheets with a local component 90%
Seventh day: Issuing the registration and industrial license from the headquarters of the Federation of Egyptian Industries
Al-Ahram: Al-Zaiti Engineering Industries Organizes Trade Mission to Jordan to Increase Trade Cooperation
Day 7: Tomorrow the Export Support Fund is looking at the new program to respond to the burden
Ahli Egypt: Union of Industries reassuring citizens a slight increase in prices of household appliances
The chambers of industry propose proposals for the drafting of the law of the Union
Head of the Commercial Office $ 570 million Total Egyptian exports to Morocco
Day 7: Project Development: Offering 256 new factories in 10th of Ramadan with 720 meters per unit
The new street gate: Cabinet meeting No. (45) under the chairmanship of Dr. Mustafa Madbouli, Prime Minister
Echo Country: Member of Federation of Industries: Vocational training and educational curricula contribute to the provision of employment opportunities
Shorouk Portal: Union of Industries Companies start a domestic production trip to face import
Seventh day: Chamber of Engineering Industries supports the decision of the Ministry of Industry on the local component of the automotive industry
Seventh day: Ministry of Industry abolishes the decision to determine the percentage of domestic manufacturing in cars at 46% .. Return to work by the decision to assess the proportion of the contribution of assembly lines issued in 1994
Portal: Presidential directives cyclone chairs a ministerial committee to deepen the industry in Egypt
News of the Day: Compelling companies to submit electronic statements
Bourse Portal: Industrial Development Amend the standard duties on factories
Vito Gate: Protocol of Cooperation between the Tax Committee of the Federation of Industries and Arab Customs Executives
Vito Portal: Preliminary features of the proposed program to promote the transport industry
Al-Ahram: Prime Minister is following up the program to strengthen the transport industry
Minister of Commerce discusses with the President of the Transmash company the possibility of the companys manufacture of railway cars in Egypt
Details of the meeting of export councils and trade and finance officials to pay export support arrears
AMAL ALGAD: Minister of Industry: IFC is financing the implementation of the project to raise the efficiency of the use of electric motors by 2.3 million dollars
Al-Ahram Gate: Electric cars will be launched next year
BSE: Zidane and Suwaidi inaugurate the Medjet exhibition for medical industries
Echo of the country: opening of the exhibition and the international forum for medical industries Med Jet
Industrial development aims to attract investment of 16 billion pounds this year. It will put 5 million meters in Sadat in August  
Tomorrows Metals: Metal Forming Division announces the approval of the industry to exclude the products of bolts and wires from the decision of the fillet fees
New Street Gate: Medical Industries Division organizes Nile MED Exhibition
Director of Industry Modernization: Egyptian-African integration in a number of projects
Echo Country: Protocol Cooperation between medical devices and exporters to launch the second exhibition
Al Suwaidi calls on the government to allow the private sector to achieve social responsibility  
Seventh Day: Mohammad Al-Bahi: The decision to raise wages was put forward for discussion on the next Federation of Industries meeting
Seventh day: Minister of Industry discusses with representatives of major international companies to expand the volume of investments in Egypt
Prime Minister issues the executive regulations of the Consumer Protection Law
Day 7: Export Development Fund approves new program for refund and 40% cash
Journal: President of the Federation of Industries: the material support for exports does not bear fruit and the law of preference for local product must be activated
Ministry of Commerce approves 6.5 billion pounds of corporate arrears in Export Support Fund
Day 7: The Tax Committee meets with the Monetary Fund Cooperation Mission in the area of tax reform
Used machines .. The output of the industry to reduce cost and Europe more suppliers
Tomorrow .. Engineering Industries holds the third session of the exhibition of used equipment and machinery in the exhibition grounds
Day 7: After its official adoption .. Learn about the new export support program
Al Ahram Portal: Delegation of the Egyptian Federation of Industries in a visit to England
Al-Ahram: Minister of Commerce opens factories to produce refrigerators and television screens with Egyptian-Saudi investments
Al-Ahram Gate: Signing a cooperation protocol between the Federation of Egyptian Industries and the Zambian Chambers
Journal: Formation of a committee between industrial development and customs to solve the problems of industrial investment
Al-Ahram: Engineer: Rwanda will allocate land to establish Egyptian electrical equipment factories there
Day 7: Business sector - Japanese partnership with Al-Nasr Motors to produce 100,000 cars annually
Akhbar Al Youm: The President of Zambia receives the delegation of the Union of Egyptian Industries
Voice of millions: the return of investment law to the parliament .. To amend some articles
News: Sahar Nasr during her meeting with investors of Port Said: exempting free zones from the real estate tax and amend the investment law
Al - Ahram Portal: Manesterly 1092 An inspection campaign on the factories to follow their commitment to specifications and quality standards
Al Gomhorian: Honoring the President of the Chamber of Engineering Industries at the International Exhibition
Al Ahram Portal: Federation of Industries South Africa seeks to produce 1.4 million cars in 2025
Bourse: Ministers adopt the new export development program .. and the application next July
News of the Day: President of the Federation of Industries calls for benefiting from the Japanese experience in industry
Al-Youm: The House of Representatives unanimously approves the draft law of the Union of Egyptian Industries
Home: Minister of Industry determines the conditions for the import of semi-finished products of iron Bellet
Day 7: Federation of Industries organizes 8 missions to Africa .. and a visit to Zambia and South Africa Wednesday
Day 7: Ceramic and Egyptian electrical appliances begin plan to invade Africa
Vito Gate: The Minister of Industry is looking with 50 major Japanese companies to strengthen their presence in Egypt
Republic: Mamesh hosts the Union of Egyptian Industries and the Union of Industries of Northern Greece
Egyptian Industries Union signs memorandum of understanding with Greek counterpart
Crescent today: President of the Federation of Industries discussed with a Saudi delegation to consolidate trade relations
Akhbar Al Youm: Federation of Industries addresses the Council of Ministers with a memorandum to revive and encourage the industry
Vito Portal: Federation of Industries calls for a policy of incentive to eliminate dealing with Kash
Journalist: Mohamed El Sewedy signs a memorandum of understanding with the head of Greek industries .. Tomorrow
Amwal Al Ghad: Metals Division aims to complete the feasibility study for the new industrial zone .. next January
Tomorrow finances: engineering industries Turkey and Iran are the main competitors for Egyptian companies to reconstruct Iraq
Union of Industries meets to study the draft unified tax procedures .. Next Sunday
World Today: Problems of Industry Owners and Proposed Regulation of Law 15 of 2017
Bourse: Cabinet discusses the final file of the new export support program tomorrow
Ashrouk: Chairman of Assiut Investors Association: The increasing number of factories in the cities of Upper Egypt due to the accumulation of debt
Echo country: Today - the start of the Rwandan day
Al-Youm News: An urgent statement from Mohammed al-Suwaidi because of the export support fund
Appointment of Engineer Ahmed Taha as First Assistant to the Minister of Commerce and Industry
Day 7: Engineering industries Establish higher exports to attract companies to invest in Egypt for export
Day 7: 5 proposals from export councils of the New Program for Export Support
Day 7: The Ambassador of Rwanda opens the exhibition of Egyptian manufacturers with the participation of 4 African countries
Echo of the Country: Egyptian Manufacturers Exhibition continues for the second day
Echo Country: 15% Targeted Increase in Engineering Industry Exports
Al-Ahram: Ambassador of Rwanda in Cairo during the opening of the exhibition of Egyptian makers: Egyptian industries receive acceptance by the Rwandan citizen
Al-Ahram Portal: Opening of the exhibition of the makers of Egypt with the participation of 94 companies .. And Rwanda guest of honor
Al-Suwaidi to Crescent Today: Egypts presidency of the Federation a golden opportunity will not be repeated
Minister of Industry: Establishment of Office for the transfer and marketing of technology soon
160 licenses and approvals from the Investors Services Center during January
Federation of Industries discusses the final draft of the new customs law .. Tomorrow
Al-Bawaba News: Federation of Industries pump Indian investments worth $ 500 million
Echo Country: Industry The return of Mercedes to work in the Egyptian market is an important step to attract investment
Nassar: Developing the automotive industry and its feeder industries in Egypt
Fito Portal: Egypt and Germany sign a document to strengthen economic partnership between the two countries
Mission to Rwanda to open up new areas of export
Vito Portal: Engineering Industries aim to raise the slogan Made in Egypt
Vito Gate: President of Assiut Investors The conference «makers of Egypt» held mid-November  
Veto Gate: 100 meters free for Upper Egypt investors
The delegation of engineering industries visits the Sohag Museum on the sidelines of the visit of industrial integration
Al-Ahram Gate: Chamber of Industries inspecting a chillers factory west of Gerga
Al-Ahram Gate: Chairman of the Chamber of Industries allocated 100 meters at the exhibition "makers of life" to highlight the manufacturing capacity of the factories of Upper Egypt
Day 7: Minister of Industry: Identifying 12 markets in Africa to help them build a manufacturing base
Seventh Day: The Prime Minister issues a decree appointing Majdi Ghazi headed by the Industrial Development Authority
Vito Gate: Home Appliances Praise Decline in Inflation and Demand the Government to Pay Attention to Export
Delegation: No increase in export support allocations
Day 7: Union of Industries participates in a dignified life by establishing 5 thousand productive units in villages
Delegation: A new law for the Federation of Industries alternative to a 60-year-old Republican decision
Ahram: 21 Danish companies review their friendly experiences with the environment
Echo of the country: the establishment of 13 industrial complexes and the production of the first engine for washing machines with Egyptian technology 2019
Day 7: Learn about tax and duty rates after applying zero customs to European cars
Seventh day: Engineering industries organize farms for the governorates of Upper Egypt to promote the local product
Vito Gate: The Bright Union of Industries helps in collecting corporate tax dues
Al-Alam Al-Youm: Minister of Trade and Industry inaugurates the latest assembly line for Kia in Egypt
Journal: Minister of Commerce and Industry decides today the fate of the administrations of export councils
The Minister of Commerce: The continuation of the fee issued on metal scrap for one year
Day 7: Finance: a committee of taxes and chambers of commerce to solve the problems of commercial and industrial activity
The General Committee for Taxation and Customs at the Union of Industries organizes an introductory seminar on the rules of holding electronic accounts
Echo of the country: taxes Federation of Industries organizes a seminar on the definition of electronic accounting controls
Day 7: El Sewedy Deepening industrialization and supporting small enterprises are the main pillars of the national industry
Mohammed Al Suwaidi, the Egyptian investor, is the essence of industry and development
Echo of the country: Federation of Industries calls on the Minister of Finance to reconsider the estimates of tax
Mohsen Adel to Echo of the country: industrial investment the most important sectors of economic development during 2019Mohsen Adel to Echo of the country: industrial investment the most important sectors of economic development during 2019
Vito Gate: Minister of Industry Egyptian-Chinese investment exhibition an opportunity to promote joint cooperation
Vito Gate: Minister of Industry is looking into cooperation with the delegation of Chinas Shandong Province
Day 7: Industry Update Looking with Ethiopian companies start exporting Egyptian products
Day 7: December 31 .. Minister of Industry decides the fate of the export councils after the end of its term
Echo of the country: Prime Minister holds a meeting to follow up the arrangements for starting the implementation of the Roveji dam project in Tanzania.
Echo Country: Export Development Egypt plays a prominent role in the development of Africa
Day 7: Engineering Industries: We received Chinese offers to manufacture electric cars in Egypt
Seventh Day: The Association of Businessmen proposes to the Parliament the establishment of a certified quality laboratory globally
Vito Portal: Federation of Industries: We seek to deepen economic cooperation with Zimbabwe
Echo of the country: Federation of Industries holds a working dinner for the Minister of Trade and Industry of Zimbabwe
Echo of the country: the appointment of Abdel-Azim Hussein as head of the Tax Authority and Reza Abdel-Qader as deputy   Echoˈekō ترجمات echo اسمالتكرار صدى echo, resonance, reverberation, repercussion, rebound محاكاة simulation, emulation, imitation, mimicry, copying, echo رجع الصدى reecho, echo استجابة response, echo, restraint نتيجة result, outcome, consequence, score, conclusion, effect أثر effect, trace, trail, vestige, mark, hint المقلد snob, mimic, copyist, echo المحاكي mimic, echo الترديد echo فعل تكرر repeat, recur, echo, run كرر repeat, reiterate, iterate, duplicate, echo, renew قلد imitate, mimic, mime, simulate, burlesque, fake رجع الصوت echo تعريفات echo اسم 1 a nymph deprived of speech by Hera in order to stop her chatter, and left able only to repeat what others had said. اسم 1 a sound or series of sounds caused by the reflection of sound waves from a surface back to the listener. the walls threw back the echoes of his footsteps مرادفات: reverberationreflectionringingrepetitionrepeat فعل 1 (of a sound) be repeated or reverberate after the original sound has stopped. their footsteps echoed on the metal catwalks 7 مزيد من التعريفات مرادفات echo اسم reverberationduplicatetracereplication فعل reverberaterepeatresoundrecall 49 مزيد من المرادفات
Vito Gate: Industry Minister stresses the need to pay attention to the African market
Egypt to host the Middle East and Africa Middle East and Africa
Seventh day: Projects of the industry and trade sector during 2018 .. The most important signing the contracts of the Russian region
Day 7: Federation of Industries visits Cameroon
Union of Industries signs a memorandum of understanding with the European Bank for Reconstruction to develop skills standards in the electrical equipment sector
Al Ahram Portal: Union of Industries Set up a platform to develop skills standards in the electrical equipment sector photo
Al-Ahram Portal: Engineering Industries Importing water rigs with 1.7 months LE Urgent despite having 35 domestic factories
The Industrial Taxes Committee announces the results of the "Hidden Economy" study tomorrow
Day 7: Minister of Industry: We focus on small projects as a main component of the economy
Seventh day: The Investment Authority starts marketing the factories of the investment area in Mit Ghamr in 2019
New Street: The Conference of the Chamber of Engineering Industries to introduce the exhibition of the makers of Egypt
Seventh day: Parliament agrees to continue the Board of Directors of the Federation of Industries in the coming year
Al-Ahram: The Ambassador of Rwanda to the investors of Egypt: We reject the Chinese product for you .. Hara money of the continent go to others, you are the right
AlWafed: A permanent exhibition of Egyptian products in Rwanda
Tomorrow the opening of the conference to introduce the exhibition of the makers of Egypt
The new street gate: Tomorrow .. Conference of the Egyptian manufacturers in its fourth session
Seventh Day: Who is Shadi Amin, the new chairman of the Industrial Development Authority
Seventh day: Minister of Industry chooses Shadi Amin as Chairman of the Industrial Development Authority
Seventh day: Press conference for the engineering industries to introduce the exhibition of the makers of Egypt .. Monday
Day 7: Where the strategy of cars disappeared and why it was delayed
Day 7: Today .. Announcement of details of hosting Egypt for the International Summit for Small and Medium Enterprises
Day 7: Today, the first official meeting of the Egyptian-Serbian Business Council
World Today: Minister of Industry is discussing with his Russian counterpart the promotion of strategic partnership
Finance: LE 504 million to support the export development and facilitation fund for exporters
Seventh Day: Engineering Industries: Invitation to 5 African countries to participate in the exhibition of the makers of Egypt next February
Echo Country: Industrial Development: Provision of land in the cities of 10th of Ramadan and Badr for projects
Echo Country: Industrial Development: We seek to attract new investments in the engineering sector
Vito Portal: Federation of Industries Branch I in Africa and Asia for Social Protection Network
Al-Alam Al-Youm: The Federation of Industries Delegation continues the activities of the Egyptian-Tanzanian Forum
Day 7: Engineering Industries warns against imposing duties on imported iron
The seventh day: the government decides next Tuesday, a holiday on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet of the state workers
Al Ahram: Export Councils November Month Achievements .. Export Culture People
Engineering Exchange: Agrees with Gulf Tech to extract export certificates through the chamber
Investment Guide in Egypt
Law No. 182 of 2018 was issued on the organization of contracts concluded by public bodies.
Al-Mal: Union of Industries cooperates with Emirati company to develop values in the Gulf
News: 10 companies received the engineering certificate of quality Saudi Arabia and UAE
Amr Nassar discusses with members of the Chamber of Engineering Industries ways to develop the sector
Portal Vito: Mohammed Engineer: Industrys most important pillars of sustainable development
Echo of the country: Engineering Industries holds a conference to support and encourage Egyptian exports to the Gulf States
Money: Engineering Industries: Saudi and UAE quality certificates allow export for 3 years without examination
Day 7: President of Gulf Tech UAE: We came to respond to the best of Egypt
Day 7: Gulf Tech UAE offers the engineering industries the methods of obtaining quality certificates
The Constitution: Engineering to hold a meeting with Gulf Tech UAE next Sunday
Al-Ahram Gate: Chairman of the Chamber of Engineering Industries: We overcome the challenges of increasing Egyptian exports abroad
Sherif Farouk: Nasser Bank funds 14 thousand projects under the initiative Mastura and reveals access to the loan in 48 hours dialogue
Engineering Industries: 10 companies with Saudi and UAE quality certificates
AlBawaba: Egyptian-German agreement to establish an academy for the training of technical education teachers
Al-Watan: Chairman of the parliament industry exaggerating the benefits of workers will lead to disastrous results on the industry
Ahram: Priorities for each facility in the Federation of Industries
Constitution: Federation of Industries 6 billion euros trade exchanges between Egypt and Germany
Union of Industries between the Dakahlia and Damietta to open a new headquarters
Ahmed Sarhan: The system of electronic tax returns is successful and achieves justice between financiers and the tax authority
Dar Al Maarif: Minister of Commerce and Industry arrives in Cairo from the Sudanese capital Khartou
World today: Adel Muhanna denies comment on the decision to increase service charges in Egyptian ports

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