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Vito Gate: Industry Minister stresses the need to pay attention to the African market
Egypt to host the Middle East and Africa Middle East and Africa
Seventh day: Projects of the industry and trade sector during 2018 .. The most important signing the contracts of the Russian region
Day 7: Federation of Industries visits Cameroon
Union of Industries signs a memorandum of understanding with the European Bank for Reconstruction to develop skills standards in the electrical equipment sector
Al Ahram Portal: Union of Industries Set up a platform to develop skills standards in the electrical equipment sector photo
Al-Ahram Portal: Engineering Industries Importing water rigs with 1.7 months LE Urgent despite having 35 domestic factories
The Industrial Taxes Committee announces the results of the "Hidden Economy" study tomorrow
Day 7: Minister of Industry: We focus on small projects as a main component of the economy
Seventh day: The Investment Authority starts marketing the factories of the investment area in Mit Ghamr in 2019
New Street: The Conference of the Chamber of Engineering Industries to introduce the exhibition of the makers of Egypt
Seventh day: Parliament agrees to continue the Board of Directors of the Federation of Industries in the coming year
Al-Ahram: The Ambassador of Rwanda to the investors of Egypt: We reject the Chinese product for you .. Hara money of the continent go to others, you are the right
AlWafed: A permanent exhibition of Egyptian products in Rwanda
Tomorrow the opening of the conference to introduce the exhibition of the makers of Egypt
The new street gate: Tomorrow .. Conference of the Egyptian manufacturers in its fourth session
Seventh Day: Who is Shadi Amin, the new chairman of the Industrial Development Authority
Seventh day: Minister of Industry chooses Shadi Amin as Chairman of the Industrial Development Authority
Seventh day: Press conference for the engineering industries to introduce the exhibition of the makers of Egypt .. Monday
Day 7: Where the strategy of cars disappeared and why it was delayed
Day 7: Today .. Announcement of details of hosting Egypt for the International Summit for Small and Medium Enterprises
Day 7: Today, the first official meeting of the Egyptian-Serbian Business Council
World Today: Minister of Industry is discussing with his Russian counterpart the promotion of strategic partnership
Finance: LE 504 million to support the export development and facilitation fund for exporters
Seventh Day: Engineering Industries: Invitation to 5 African countries to participate in the exhibition of the makers of Egypt next February
Echo Country: Industrial Development: Provision of land in the cities of 10th of Ramadan and Badr for projects
Echo Country: Industrial Development: We seek to attract new investments in the engineering sector
Vito Portal: Federation of Industries Branch I in Africa and Asia for Social Protection Network
Al-Alam Al-Youm: The Federation of Industries Delegation continues the activities of the Egyptian-Tanzanian Forum
Day 7: Engineering Industries warns against imposing duties on imported iron
The seventh day: the government decides next Tuesday, a holiday on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet of the state workers
Al Ahram: Export Councils November Month Achievements .. Export Culture People
Ahram: Council of Ministers solve the problems of investors
Engineering Exchange: Agrees with Gulf Tech to extract export certificates through the chamber
Investment Guide in Egypt
Law No. 182 of 2018 was issued on the organization of contracts concluded by public bodies.
Al-Mal: Union of Industries cooperates with Emirati company to develop values in the Gulf
News: 10 companies received the engineering certificate of quality Saudi Arabia and UAE
Amr Nassar discusses with members of the Chamber of Engineering Industries ways to develop the sector
Portal Vito: Mohammed Engineer: Industrys most important pillars of sustainable development
Echo of the country: Engineering Industries holds a conference to support and encourage Egyptian exports to the Gulf States
Money: Engineering Industries: Saudi and UAE quality certificates allow export for 3 years without examination
Day 7: President of Gulf Tech UAE: We came to respond to the best of Egypt
Day 7: Gulf Tech UAE offers the engineering industries the methods of obtaining quality certificates
The Constitution: Engineering to hold a meeting with Gulf Tech UAE next Sunday
Al-Ahram Gate: Chairman of the Chamber of Engineering Industries: We overcome the challenges of increasing Egyptian exports abroad
Sherif Farouk: Nasser Bank funds 14 thousand projects under the initiative Mastura and reveals access to the loan in 48 hours dialogue
Engineering Industries: 10 companies with Saudi and UAE quality certificates
AlBawaba: Egyptian-German agreement to establish an academy for the training of technical education teachers
Al-Watan: Chairman of the parliament industry exaggerating the benefits of workers will lead to disastrous results on the industry
Ahram: Priorities for each facility in the Federation of Industries
Constitution: Federation of Industries 6 billion euros trade exchanges between Egypt and Germany
Union of Industries between the Dakahlia and Damietta to open a new headquarters
Ahmed Sarhan: The system of electronic tax returns is successful and achieves justice between financiers and the tax authority
Dar Al Maarif: Minister of Commerce and Industry arrives in Cairo from the Sudanese capital Khartou
World today: Adel Muhanna denies comment on the decision to increase service charges in Egyptian ports
News of the Day: A new regulation of the system of work within the free zones to facilitate investors
The Prime Minister reviews the most important features of the draft new customs law and draft amendments to the real estate tax law
Constitution: Protocol of cooperation between banks and finance to end tax disputes
The money: Adel Muhanna: denies the news of increasing fees for services in Egyptian ports
Day 7: Prime Minister, Minister of Petroleum and Communications meet US companies today
Day 7: The Export Council of Engineering Commodities organizes a trade mission to Ethiopia 19 November
Rose Youssef: The decline in the rate of domestic manufacturing opens the door to increase the import bill
Bourse: The Council of Ministers forms a committee to examine the allocation and placement of industrial land
Al-Suwaidi: Increasing US investments in Egypt increases confidence in the economy
Day 7: Chairman of the Investment Authority: Companies are looking for external funding because of the high interest rate
Day 7: Finance: 3 weeks for the expiry of the deadline for exempting financiers from the delay penalties by 90%
Bourse: A protocol of cooperation between industries and industrial development to provide the services of the Authority
Parliamen industry postpones its final approval of the Federation of Industries Law
World Today: Industry: Promising opportunities to boost Swedish companies investments in Egypt
Al-Alam Al-Youm: Al-Gabali succeeds the jails in the presidency of Youth Business
Constitution: Federation of Industries calls for the establishment of logistics areas in Russia
Day 7: The Minister of Finance issues the manual for the neutral tax rate in commercial transactions
Al-Ahram Gate: Advisor to the Minister of Industry Biznex exhibition is an opportunity to attract foreign investment and support the Egyptian industry
Joint agreement between the Minister of Industry and President of Tatarstan
Vito Portal: Government plan to develop the system of technical education and vocational training
Day 7: Minister of Commerce discusses with the President of Tatarstan the formation of a team to develop a framework for trade relations
Egyptian Customs Signs Cooperation Protocol with QIZ
Al-Suwaidi receives the Chairman of the Industry Committee of the Sudanese National Council
Al-Masry Al-Youm: Sources: Nassar will not renew to the President of Industrial Development after reaching retirement age
Union of Industries signs a cooperation protocol with the Academy of practical research
Portal of the seventh day: Sahar Nasr issued a decision to form a grievance committee of the decisions of the General Authority for Investment
New Customs Bill
The Prime Minister promised to review the prices of land and gas supplier to the factories
Gate of the seventh day :: Parliament transmits a draft law submitted by the Government on the real estate tax of the competent committees
Al-Watan: Industry launches national program to deepen local manufacturing to reduce imports
Wafd Portal: Western Businessmen Association Launches New Youth Training Initiative
The Fourth Egypt Manufacturers Exhibition - Together We Can
7th Day Portal: How to submit your tax return electronically with the start of implementation today?
The Seventh Day: Union of Industries appeals to the financial exemption of factories distressed from the real estate tax
The seventh day: "Engineering Industries" welcomes the first meeting with the Minister of Industry launched the strategy to deepen the industry
Al-Ahram Gate: Nassar in the industry house to launch
Gate of the seventh day: the start of the presentation Tax returns legally mandatory electronic ship starting tomorrow
Day 7: Suleiman: Cooperation with Union Capital supports the economy
Decree No. 419 of 2018 - Amendments to Tariff
Al-Alam Al-Youm Newspaper: Abdel-Razek: The internal mechanization of industrial licensing procedures is being completed
Al-Alam Al-Youm: Trade denies postponement of the application of zero duties to European car customs
Al-Sisi newspaper endorses consumer protection law
Al-Mal Newspaper: Union of Industries prepares a memorandum on the impact of official holidays on productivity
Al-Mal Newspaper: Union of Industries meets consumer protection to discuss gaps in the new law
Echo of the country: Federation of Industries calls on the Swede to abandon the decision not to stand in support of Egypt
Al-Ahram Gate: Export duties on copper shake the throne of scrap emperors and restart a thousand factories and workshops
Al-Ahram: The Minister of Trade is considering maximizing the use of the financing programs of the African Bank for Export and Import
Al-Ahram Gate: Starting the experiments of using solar energy in small factories in Port Said for the first time
Al Ahram Portal: Features of the new customs tariff .. Modifications of consumer goods between 20 and 60% and stability of basic, strategic and intermediate
Al-Ahram: Nile Leaders Initiative holds its first forum to introduce business development centers in banks
Al-Alam Al-Youm: The Minister of Industry is discussing with the Union of the Mediterranean ways to promote regional development
World Bank: The Cairo and Uzbekistan banks sign a cooperation agreement to support Egyptian exports
Money Portal: The fourth session of the exhibition of the makers of Egypt .. 19 December
Echo of the country: Today .. Prime Minister meets the Union of investors to discuss the problems of industry
Seventh Day Engineering Industries Organizes the Exhibition "Makers of Egypt" in December
Al-Ahram Gate: After the issuance of the licensing law .. No closure of any factory except through the Industrial Development Authority
Al-Ahram Portal: To start manufacturing Tok Tok in Egypt next year
World Today: Union of Industries adopts the rehabilitation of distinguished university youth
Al-Alam Al-Youm: The Minister of Industry is discussing with the Union of the Mediterranean ways to promote regional development
Al Midaan: Demands to impose dumping duties on Turkish products to protect Egyptian factories
Al Ahram: 3 reasons for the rise in prices of household appliances .. Know them
Al Maal: boiling prices «Egypt Aluminum» pays manufacturers to import crude
Bourse: Activation of one-stop service under the Union of Industries within 45 days
Bourse: Egypt is preparing to invade Saudi Arabia with screw and galvanized wire
El Wafed: The transfer of engineering dependency of cars from the Holding to the transfer to "Mineral
Al - Ahram Portal: Nassar: Standard Anti - Corruption End of the Year
Medbouli: A working group to study the proposals and demands put forward by representatives of the industrial sector
World Today: Engineering Industries organizes visits to Upper Egypt governorates to deepen local manufacturing
Wafd Portal: Federation of Industries calls for cancellation of tax assessment
Fito Portal: Federation of Industries presents a memorandum to the Prime Minister on investment problems
Day 7: Finance presents the draft customs law on the ministrys website for a poll
Minister of Industry: $ 20 billion of trade relations with the BRIX countries in 2016
Tomorrows Money: We are publishing a list of businessmen participating in President Sisis visit to China
Al Suwaidi proposes to establish a workshop and a factory to create 3 million jobs
Egypt enters the era of exporting Egyptian enterprises The Prime Minister is a committee for the reconstruction of 5 Arab countries destroyed
Finance: Collection of government electronic payments is mandatory from January 2019
Seventh day: Federation of Industries calls on the Central Bank to amend the mechanism of credit query of the troubled factories
Seventh day: Construction work will begin at the compound of household appliances factories in Minya next October
Al Ahram: Union of Industries presents a proposal to improve the credit climate for investors and troubled factories
Al-Ahram Portal: Federation of Industries presents 3 proposals to the Ministry of Health to promote the pharmaceutical sector
Al-Ahram: After the crisis of Turkey .. Egyptian companies decide to reduce iron prices .. We publish details
The world today: an expected increase in prices of household appliances and the division looking out of the crisis
Vito Portal: Home Appliances: Fallouts of rising aluminum prices appear within two weeks
Todays News: Meit reveals pleasant surprises for local industries in the Customs Bil
Vito Gate: Home appliances prepare a file to activate the markets to put it on the Minister of Commerce
Businessmen: Engineer: Studying procedures to protect the Egyptian product with foreign trade
Minister of Finance: The concept of customs is not only a result but national security
Egyptian Copper Raises Refrigerator Evaporator Prices
Day 7: Minister of Industry appoints Hossam Farid as Consultant for Small Business Affairs and Entrepreneurship free of charge
Republic: Home Appliances Commends Minister of Industrys remarks on the end of the protection era
The Egyptian Federation of Industries is looking to impose customs duties on Turkey s exports
Echo of the country: the export councils opposed to the system of foreign exhibitions .. Not the approval of most sectors .. A protest note for industry and trade for reconsideration .. And exporters: an obstacle to Egyptian products
Day 7: Home Appliances: Meeting with the Minister of Industry to turn importers into manufacturing
Al-Ahram Gate: Claims to impose duties on Turkeys imports to Egypt to protect the local product
Egyptian Today: Urgent Important decision of the Minister of Finance on the real estate tax
Al-Ahram: Home appliances demand an urgent meeting with the "Minister of Industry" to present demands to activate the market
Masrawy: Source: Industry has canceled its contract with a German company to prepare the strategy of cars
Al-Ahram: The Federation of Industries is discussing with the Ministry of Industry the possibility of amending the Free Trade Agreement between Egypt and Turkey
Masrawy Gate: the fate of an unknown strategy of cars .. The domestic industry is in trouble
Day 7: The government: the constitutional refusal to impose a common property tax .. No cases before the court
Echo country: Investment constraints in Africa caused by lack of communication with partners
Seventh day: 7 export councils organize a capacity building workshop for exporters
Deputy Sherine Farraj calls for financial consideration of the accuracy of the real estate tax
El Sewedy: Investment constraints in Africa caused by
A crisis in the "engineering industries" because of "aluminum" .. A factory stopped refrigerators due to lack of raw material .. Manufacturers: "Egypt for aluminum" prefer to export coverage of the local market .. The price of tons locally exceeds 60 thousand pounds .. And we demand "transparency"
Echo of the country: the imposition of real estate tax on industrial enterprises ignite the anger of industry .. Investors: threaten to escape investment .. Increase the burden of industry .. negatively affect the production .. The collection of factories Upper Egypt unconstitutional
Mohsen Adel was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Investment Authority
Ministerial Decision to Restructure the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones Authority
Engineering Industries The company complains to the Minister of Industry and Administrative Lighting
Registration in the notification system of technical barriers notifications on tradeRegistration in the notification system of technical barriers notifications on trade
Minister of Commerce heads the Egyptian delegation to the COMESA summit in Zambian capital Lusaka
Investors of the 1000 factories in the 5th assembly discuss the challenges of industrial investment
The Constitution: Federation of Industries asks for data of companies that are troubled by the rooms
Federation of Industries coordinates with the "Central Bank" to implement the initiative to pay the debtors defaulters
Federation of Industries examines the problems of taxes and customs in preparation for submission to the government
Union of Industries collects data of troubled companies to participate in the Medinia settlement initiative
World Today Tomorrow .. Union of Industries discusses the Customs Law
Today: the Federation of Industries completes the crisis of the company adaptations with the Customs Authority
Al-Watan: Delay creates a monopoly market .. Traders demand to facilitate the registration of foreign factories
Engineer: shaking hands hinder the development of industry
Engineer: Industry development system does not need to «hands trembling»
Chairman of the Chamber of Engineering Industries: bureaucracy hinders the work of factories
Demands the Minister of Industry to release the car strategy or extend the current laws
President Sisi issues Law No. 29 of 2018 amending the "Income Tax
Engineering Industries: 16 countries participate in the conference of metals from 19 to 21 July
Minister of Finance: Agreement on a unified national project linking taxes, insurance and banks
Release of the shipment of the production requirements of the cookers after a dispute in the interpretation of the "customs item" between customs and imports
El Maka Transformers signed a contract with Egyptian Electricity for 355 million pounds
Al-Ahram Gate: Differences in the interpretation of a "customs clause" between customs and imports delay the release of a shipment to a factory
The House of Representatives refuses to oblige the buyer to pay the real estate tax in solidarity
Voice of the Nation: Minister of Industry Idah in Fire
the seventh day:The plant was stopped due to a dispute over the name of a customs shipment
Day 7: Engineering Industries: Companies are moving to import after rising domestic aluminum prices
Bourse: Industries looking for the mechanism of the issuance of certificates of commercial registration
Al-Masry Al-Youm: Mohammed Al-Suwaidi presents to Madbouli Your job in your village
Masrawy: President of the Federation of Industries presents "Your job in your village" to the Prime Minister
Portal of Dawn: The Prime Minister meets with the Minister of Commerce and heads of industry associations and chambers of commerce
Al-Ahram: Nassar: We aim to increase the dependence on the local product and preference for the importer
Al Wafed : Minister of Commerce and Industry discusses with the members of the Chamber of Engineering Industries and the Export Council ways to develop the sector and promote its exports
Al-Ahram Al-Masai: Engineering Industries is considering linking the profit margin of household appliances to the quantities sold
Seventh Day: Parliament Industry: The government program did not highlight the challenges of the sector and ways to eliminate them
Al-Ahram Portal: Minister of Industry: We seek to integrate with all ministries to increase reliance on the local product
People of Egypt: Engineering Industries: Field visits to factories contribute to increase production
The Egyptian Decision: Mohamed El Mohandes: There is a quest for integration between factories
Masrawy: Minister of Commerce discusses holding an expanded conference on deepening engineering industries in Egypt
Constitution: Industry Parliament concludes the third session of the project Chambers of Commerce
The Minister of Industry discusses ways to develop the engineering sector
Masrawy: Egypt Aluminum announces new prices, up 3 thousand pounds per ton
Seventh Day: Projects: Extracting the commercial register, licenses and tax card in all branches
Constitution: Minister of Commerce: the establishment of a unit to deal with the problems of industrial sectors
Vito: Minister of Health re-forms the Committee on the pricing of medical services comprehensive health insurance law .. The establishment of a standard list of prices of operations in hospitals to end the chaos .. And the calculation of the cost of wages and accommodation, maintenance and intensive care
فVito: Minister of Trade discusses increasing exports of medical industries
الشروAl-Shorouq: Activation of the powers of the Gas Market Regulatory Authority
Money Chairman of the Chamber of Engineering Industries: We will not abandon the consumer in the face of the market
Minister of Industry discusses with Belarus ambassador strengthening economic cooperation
Minister of Industry discusses developments in the establishment of the Polish industrial zone at the axis of the canal
15% increase in non-oil exports until May 2018
Industry targets more open foreign markets
«Exporters» discuss services provided by «export development»
6 new industrial partners benefiting 31 thousand jobs in a year
The central bank: the unemployment rate fell to the lowest level in 8 years
The central bank decides to keep interest rates unchanged
Chairman of Chamber of Industries: Traders are the main reason for price manipulation
Engineering Industries examines the impact of Turkish imports on the Egyptian market
The competition is unfair The import of Saudi iron raises the concerns of factories in Egypt
Economist proposes entering the state as a financier partner to save troubled factories
Central Bank launches initiative to settle bad debts for 3500 companies and 337 thousand individuals
5 axes in the government strategy to develop the aluminum industry
Minister of Finance: Agreement on the establishment of a joint committee to coordinate the monetary and financial policies
Finance: obligating government dealers to pay dues electronically
Engineering industries resort to the House of Representatives to amend the free trade agreement with Turkey
Engineering renews claim for dumping duties on Turkish pots
Decision of the Minister of Industry 616 for the year 2016 on the granting of a mark with pride - Made in Egypt
Local Product Preference Law in Governmental Tender and Executive Regulations
Chemical industries are waiting for the market reaction to announce the price increase
Prime Minister after meeting with Abdel-Al: The governments statement to parliament before July 4
The Official Gazette publishes the president ratification of seven important laws
President Sisi approves the law of the General Authority for Industrial Development
Engineering Industries is a memorandum containing the volume of production of "electrical appliances
Union of Industries launches an initiative for exceptional bonuses .. and limited response Al Wafd Newspaper
Export Development signs 10 protocols with the Association of Businessmen and Export Councils
Iron and cement industry raises the slogan of market stagnation until prices rise (report)
10 files waiting for the new Minister of Industry .. Facing the crisis of troubled factories and the deficit of the trade balance .. The increase of imports a chronic headache for the industrial sector .. The strategy of manufacturing cars waiting for a quick decision .. The exhibition system needs re-examination - the seventh day
File export appliance industry saves investment
Investors Union to present a new government logo next Wednesday Daily News Portal
An emergency meeting of the collectibles imposed a 25% dumping charge on Turkey imports to Egypt
Engineer: Egypt aims to increase exports of engineering industries to 3 billion dollars by the end of this year
Engineering Industries demands the application of the Egyptian specifications on Turkish imports - the seventh day
Engineering Industries requires consumers to communicate with the Chamber to report products that do not conform to specifications
Engineering Industries: Activation of the after sales service protects the reputation of the Egyptian product
Consumer Protection Law protects the rights of the citizen, trader and manufacturer
The local component in engineering industries
Memorandum of Understanding between Small Industries and Ain Shams Engineering The delegation
Seminar on Commercial Fraud in Federation of Industries on Monday The delegation
Find out why a delegation from the Union of Industries of Uganda visited the seventh day
Vito Portal: Ways to establish companies through e-services at the Ministry of Investment
Head of small projects follow the activities of the Agency in South Sinai - the seventh day
The Tax and Customs Committee of the Federation of Industries discusses ending tax disputes for the industrial sector
Transit investors join an initiative linking education to the labor market to serve the industry
Minister of Industry We are considering Trump decision to raise tariffs on iron imports
Hossam Farid: Expectations of improvement in domestic trade index and provision of goods Voice of the Nation
Ministerial Resolution 371 of 2018 amending the local manufacturing rate in the automotive industry
Businessmen are looking with the president of «Industrial Development» licenses installations
Investors Union calls for meeting with energy and industry committees in parliament to discuss the import of electric cars
A sudden rise in the price of aluminum locally .. And the producer company: We sell tons less than the price globally
Anger in the industry after raising the price of aluminum to 55 thousand pounds per ton The delegation
Al-Dustour Newspaper: Manufacturers appeal to the Minister of Trade to save them from the decision «Egypt Aluminum»
Sanctions against 17 factories have been accompanied by the import of supplies for the trade and not for manufacturing The delegation
Alalam Elyoum: Egypt signs agreement to liberalize trade in services between Arab countries
Minister of Trade and Industry receives report on trade exchange between Egypt and South Africa during 2017
Minister of Investment: Community initiatives do the tax deduction by 10% - the seventh day
Al Alam El Youm: ware factories warn of aluminum price increases
Vito Portal: Household Tools Division: The speed of factory registration lowers prices
Rose Al Yousuf Portal: Engineering Industries: launches an initiative to provide machinery for local manufacturers
Engineering Industries ": the decision not to impose dumping duties on rolled iron aims to reduce prices
After the "Al-Ahram Gate" revealed the disadvantages of the decision .. The Ministry of Industry Freezes the price of durable devices
Veto Gate: Stabilize the prices of household appliances after exempting imports of iron from dumping duties
«Federation of Industries» holds training courses with the German program for managers.
Echo country: Industrial development: 4800 investment opportunities industrial map in the provinces
Echo Country: Efricim Bank: We are working to support small and medium enterprises by establishing a free trade zone
Echo of the country: Union of Industries launches the fourth conference on corporate social responsibility
Veto Portal: Tarek Cain: Egypt is Qualified to Become an "Industrial and Logistic" Hub in the Automotive Industry
Vito Gate: Minister of Industry: Chinese company set up a factory to produce cars and minibuses tenth
World Today Minister of Trade decides to form the Egyptian side «British business»
Al-Mal Newspaper: Trade Remedies: Imposition of dumping charges on the sheet under investigation
World Today The Engineering Chamber is discussing with the Taiwan delegation joint investment opportunities
Today .. Tour of the Chamber of Engineering Industries Damietta factories
Shoman: Integration between factories is a condition for industry growth
World Today «Engineering Industries» organizes a visit to the factories of Port Said and Damietta
World Today Shoman: We managed to reach the percentage of the local component of the machinery industry to 80%
World Today «Damietta investors» demanding banks to enter facilities in the initiative of 200 billion pounds
Vito Gate: Today «Engineering Industries» Damietta investors meet to encourage local manufacturing
Vito Gate: Engineering Industries: Port Said has enormous industrial capabilities
Vito Gate: «Engineering Industries» Organizes a visit to Damietta factories .. Today
Laws issued during 2017

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