A friend of the most important industrialists received a call from Dr. Ammar Nasar, the new Minister of Industry and Trade, asking him to meet him quickly. My friend, who did not know Dr. Amr before, was on his way to meet the minister on time. We were talking on the phone and he did not know the reason for the interview. He received a busy reception to the ministers office, where he was surprised by the leadership of the ministry waiting for him with the minister and heard words he had not heard before in the framework of encouragement, support and assistance. He found a new atmosphere and an advanced thinking that dwells in the ministry. He knows the value of industry and its importance in the progress of nations and the welfare of peoples. An event occurred Maa, which lasted for an hour since entering the door of the ministry to the ministers office directly without waiting and wasting time of gold to a respected industrialist,
The minister offered him all kinds of support and assistance because he is a serious man of industry and asked him to set up a factory every day if he could tell him that there are firm instructions from the president and the prime minister to encourage all serious industrialists and investment and facilitate their procedures and overcome all the obstacles before them and create the environment in which they work until they accomplish their mission Without any problems as the explicit instructions to exclude any official hinders investment and disrupt the interests of manufacturers,
In conclusion, my friend, the esteemed man of the industry, came out of the meeting of the esteemed minister of industry, too, and he is full of hope and hope that will lead him to more work and production.
I ended the call with him and I am also in a state of astonishment from what I heard. But when I looked into the biography of Minister Amr Nassar, I am still amazed. I discovered that this is normal behavior because he is a man who came from the field of production and had his hands in the fire and held prestigious local and international positions. I expect the industry to take the highest priority in the governments concerns as long as we have a minister who carries the heads of the industry on heads and necks and appreciates and respects them,
The minister of industry and trade in front of him files are very important, I think the most important is the selection of assistants with the same thought and mental field of production and hands were in the fire because they know well the problems of manufacturers and solutions, the Ministry of Industry needs to the minds of creators and not employees, also closed factories file if he could accomplish it Serves great service to his country and puts his name in the record of greats
The third file is industrial zones
Some of them are full of problems, which is a large untapped economic energy and wasted assets. If the minister of industry can open its file and end its problems, we will erect a statue in our hearts because it will open doors to millions of young people and contribute to increasing production, reducing imports and depleting cash reserves. Minister, there is an investor established an iron and steel factory in the industrial area in Jamsa cost 700 million pounds, half of which loans from banks and the factory did not work because of the lack of electricity, although we have a surplus of 25%, according to the statements of the Minister of Electricity and this example of thousands of examples, Dr. Amr Nassar, Minister of Industry and Trade, good luck and all his support and support in his difficult task even Egypt live a strong industrial state and its people live in prosperity

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