72 exhibitors and buyers from 8 African countries

Major General Bahaduddin Zeidan, Director of Al Jalala Medical Complex and Chairman of the Joint Procurement Committee, and Eng. Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Federation of Industries, inaugurated the second Med Med and MedMed Medical, Cosmetics, Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries Exhibition, held over two days.

Eng. Khalid Al Miqati, Chairman of the Egyptian Exporters Association said in a press statement on the sidelines of the opening that the exhibition is being attended by about 72 companies specialized in the field of pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and cosmetics, covering an area of ​​1900 square meters.

He noted that in cooperation with the Export Development Authority, a delegation of buyers from 8 African countries - Ethiopia, Mozambique, Ghana, Gabon, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Cameroon - had been attracted to about 56 buyers to identify Egyptian products and conduct export contracts.

Al Miqati added that the exhibition aims to serve factories and exporters and cooperate through the exhibition in preparing a plan to participate in the export of international markets.

He stressed that the medical sector is one of the strategic industries, which will have a major role in the presence of the African market, whether through the export of medicines and medical supplies and preparations needed by African countries, and there are studies of some Egyptian companies to open investments in that market, whether pharmacies or mobile clinics.

The total value of exports of the sector amounted to about 8 billion pounds, estimated at about 500 million dollars in 2018 in the markets that Egyptian exports have penetrated and reach them, such as the Gulf countries and the markets of Europe and Latin America.

The number of workers in pharmaceutical factories is about 40,000, but the number of supply chains for the pharmaceutical industry as a whole exceeds this figure by more than 150,000.

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