Engineer Ayman al-Najuli, head of the metal processing and forming department at the Engineering Industries Chamber of the Federation of Industries, confirmed that his division received confirmation from the Ministry of Industry that the Ministry of Finances Customs Department had been notified of the text of the decision. .

He added that the Minister of Trade and Industry Amr Nassar said that the decision is for reinforcing steel only and has nothing to do with wires and nails, and that it is similar in terms of the customs item, adding that Ibrahim al-Sejini, head of the commercial processing sector has also confirmed that the decision is exclusively reinforcing steel, An official letter last week to the head of the Customs Authority in terms of the decision.

Najuli called on the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to exclude factories for the production of nails and wires from the decision to ensure the continuation of production of factories and not to violate the principle of competitiveness of the Egyptian product. He noted that the factories of the sector engaged in the production of nails and iron wires since 1955 and beginning of 2015, Imported products in order to reduce the import gap and maximize the added value of the Egyptian product as well as the localization of new industries in Egypt.

It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Finance started on Monday the work of collecting temporary protection fees on Egypts steel and steel imports, stating that the value of the protection fees will be calculated on the basis of the value of the message delivered to the Egyptian ports, ie CIF value, (1/83) of the Implementing Regulations of Law No. 161 of 1998, which provides for the imposition of variable fees at a variable value during the period of application.

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