The conference will be held in Cairo on Tuesday for the first time in the framework of the Arab-Danish Partnership Program, organized by the Egyptian Federation of Industries and Sustainable Development under the chairmanship of Dr. Sherif El-Gabaly.

The conference comes within the framework of Egypts efforts to activate the 17 United Nations goals for sustainable development, which put the highest priority on environmental safety with the participation of the Federation of Industries in Denmark, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt and the presence of a constellation of businessmen and businessmen in Egypt and participating countries.

Eng. Ahmad Kamal, Executive Director of the Environmental Compliance Office, said: "The conference aims at increasing awareness of environmental safety, reducing polluting emissions and the importance of sustainable international development in the private sector in the Arab countries. Companies are allowed to use sustainable development objectives to draw conclusions for their advancement and development and to improve their communities in order to live in a clean environment and to ensure that the conference is a strong point of convergence of stakeholders from the private, public and private sectors. "The 17 UN goals address the major global challenges facing societies around the world until 2030, and the business community plays a pivotal role in achieving them. These goals serve as the management for the future economic sustainability of businesses. In order to take full advantage of market potential, businesses must innovate and develop new technologies and services and provide modern business models that are sustainable in terms of climate, environment and man.

"The Danish Industry Association is implementing a pilot project of 21 Danish companies from a diverse range of industries with one goal: to achieve their business by integrating sustainable development objectives into their strategies and whether they are hoping to increase and grow their sales," Kamal said. Or higher profits, each company shares a genuine commitment to environmental safety and sustainability that believes in a new change in the business landscape. Sustainable development initiatives between companies in Denmark and companies in the Middle East and North Africa.

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