Egypt and Germany signed a joint document to promote economic partnership between the two countries in the fields of industry, trade policies, investment, energy, environment, transport, infrastructure and tourism.

The document was signed by Egyptian Minister of Trade and Industry Eng. Amr Nassar and the German government Thomas Paris, German Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs at the Ministry of Economy and Energy.

Nassar said that the joint document provided for enhancing cooperation between Egypt and Germany in the field of industry, trade policy and investment through exchanging information on investment and legislative framework between the two countries with the aim of increasing German investments in Egypt as well as benefiting from German expertise and enhancing joint cooperation in the fields of investment promotion and investment in the Suez Canal Vocational training, technical education, capacity-building, improvement of the investment climate, logistics, port establishment and management of industrial zones.

They also agreed on the importance of enhancing joint cooperation in the areas of customs cooperation, training and capacity building in this field, rules of origin, examination and issuance of certificates of conformity of exported and imported goods, cooperation in information technology and control mechanisms in markets, food and agriculture.

The document also included the activation of joint cooperation in the areas of horticultural research, animal production, plant protection, agricultural engineering research, food technology, animal health, soil, water and environment research.

Nassar said the document also included joint cooperation in energy and low carbon emissions by promoting joint cooperation in the fields of renewable energy, energy efficiency, environmental protection, climate change and energy infrastructure, as well as oil and gas exploration, oil and gas refining, petrochemicals and mineral resources.

The two sides also agreed to strengthen cooperation in the field of environment, especially in the field of environmental policies, climate and biological diversity, as well as to develop joint cooperation in the field of transport and infrastructure, especially in the transport sector and maritime security and benefit from German expertise in railway engineering, logistics centers and technical training on maintenance. Transport and railways as well as the continuation of joint cooperation in the field of tourism by urging tourism agencies of both countries to develop joint tourism cooperation.

Minister of Trade and Industry Amr Nassar and Minister of Economy and Energy Peter Altmeyer chaired the fifth session of the Joint Economic Committee between Egypt and Germany. The meeting was attended by Thomas Paris, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs and German Ambassador to Germany, Julius Georg Lowe.

During the meeting, the minister stressed the importance of enhancing the joint work between Egypt and Germany at the economic, trade and investment levels, not only at the bilateral level, but also to cooperate in third markets, especially the African market.

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