Hassan Mabrouk, head of the household and electrical appliances division at the Engineering Industries Chamber of the Federation of Industries, said that the market is witnessing an increase in fuel prices, but so far the vision has not been clearly visible due to the official holiday. , But wait next Sunday, to find out the expected result of the rise in the price of gasoline, whether it will be raised or not, by simple or large, according to the study of the impact on markets and production cost.

Mabrouk added that the Divisions plan is to reduce the control of the impact, and if there is a rise, of course it will be a simple percentage. He stressed that the division is currently studying the differences and we hope that it will not be affected by the new fuel prices.

He pointed out that the Division is trying to absorb the rise and not affect the prices of electrical appliances, and if affected by the rates will be very simple.

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The Chamber is established by the Republican Decree No. 453 of 1958, which is one of the 20 industrial chambers of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, which includes about 4000 members, by virtue of the establishment decision, it covers the engineering industries sector in Egypt through 10 divisions.

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