The Federation of Egyptian Industries announced its contribution to the initiative of "life of dignity" launched by President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi days ago, by intensifying the work of "Your business in your village" launched by the Federation in December 2017 with the aim of establishing 5,000 production units including a number of small and enduring projects In all governorates in 4 years.

Mohamed El Sewedy, chairman of the Federation of Industries said in a statement on Wednesday that the Union plans to intensify its efforts to achieve more progress on the ground in 2019 to achieve the objectives of the initiative, where he began an agreement with the Ministry of Social Solidarity to hold a meeting with the team work initiative, Governorates, villages and households through which the project will be implemented, after having limited places to be made available to the initiative, taking into account the resources and comparative advantages of each governorate. The Ministry of Solidarity and the Federation of Egyptian Industries shall coordinate with the investors associations to ensure the integration of efforts.

The "Your business in your village" projects focus on small-scale, labor-intensive industrial projects such as ready-made garments, leather and electronic products, furniture, food industries and craft industries such as handmade carpet projects and others.

The Federation has studied and implemented its first projects in collaboration with the Small, Medium and Micro Industries Development Authority, headed by Dr. Niven Jamea and the Chamber of Garment and Furniture Industry, headed by Eng. Mohamed Abdel Salam, and is currently completing studies with other industrial chambers such as tanning and leather industry.

Since its launch, the initiative has been supported by all relevant government agencies, with the full cooperation of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation, the Ministry of Planning, the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Ministry of Local Development under the supervision of the Prime Minister, the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency and the Industrial Chambers. That the Government should speedily allocate the necessary land to move forward.

Al-Suwaidi stressed that the contribution of the Federation to the initiative "Life is Precious" lies at the heart of the responsibilities and concerns of Egyptian industrialists. Such projects will contribute to the creation of 3 million real jobs for the entire family, especially women and youth, when the project is completed within four years. Of 250 thousand new young entrepreneurs, where each project will be established after studying the field needed by each village, and according to population densities and the availability of raw materials needed for him.

He continued to achieve this dream and cover the governorates of Egypt in full will contribute significantly to raise the standard of living and quality of life for the Egyptian families and in achieving sustainable development and comprehensive across the Republic.

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