In a serious attempt to exploit Egypts presidency of the African Union in 2019, businessmen began to take serious steps towards the African depth, both in the field of expanding trade exchange or pumping investments in the continent, began exploratory tours of a number of countries last year and is completed in other countries during the current year.

 The AUC is sending a trade mission consisting of about 15 companies operating in a number of sectors to the countries of Zambia and South Africa, and businessmen are seeking to capture investment and trade opportunities from the countries of the virgin continent.

"The company is looking to open a new market to sell its home appliance products in South Africa, while it is already working," said Samir Hanna, general manager of business development at an electrical equipment company participating in the trade mission to Zambia and South Africa this week. In the Zambian market 9 years ago.

Speaking on the sidelines of a meeting of the delegation of companies participating in the Federation of Industries mission to Zambia and South Africa from March 13-21, Hanna said that the company opened a factory in Ethiopia and another in Georgia, but is seeking to expand the export of ingredients to the African market .

Hanna pointed out that the companys exports to Africa amounted to 6 million dollars last year, equivalent to 4% of the total exports of the company during the year, amounting to 52 million dollars, stressing that the company sought to increase the volume of exports to 10-15% this year.

Ahmed El-Sallab is setting the stage for a new factory in the state of Morocco with an estimated investment of 12 million euros to produce 8 million square meters of ceramics aimed at the Moroccan market and Western Europe, according to Amir Mohsen, director of planning and sales at the company.

Mohsen attributed the drop in the value of the groups exports to Africa due to the high cost of shipping resulting from the absence of direct shipping lines, which led the Egyptian companies to compete with India and Brazil within the continent, stressing that the presence of direct shipping lines will facilitate the increase of exports, which seeks to raise by 400 % To the promising African market.

As for the manufacturers of household appliances, they have the opportunity to invade the Rwandan market through the collection of heaters with Egyptian components. The African country seeks to deepen its industry using the Egyptian components. The Rwandan capital Kigali is about 35 kilometers to establish a plant to collect Egyptian heaters, and a visit to the area will be organized to open the opportunity for companies wishing to seize such manufacturing opportunities in the African continent.

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