2018 has passed with some achievements in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, but the ministry is still completing its plan to promote the sector during the year 2019.

The ministrys plan for the industrial sector includes many reforms. The ministry announced its plan in 2019, which includes the completion of the construction of 13 industrial complexes for small and medium industries in 12 governorates, including 4317 industrial units equipped with licenses. The tender and privatization procedures will be completed for investors during the current year. .

The plan of the ministry after the completion of the allocation and start of production in the complex of Sadat and Badr, will be in 2019 allocated the rest of the vacant units at the industrial complex in Port Said, as well as the establishment of industrial zone for textile industries in Sadat City, which is currently the implementation of the first phase of it is planned to start production and operation For the first phase by the end of 2019.

With regard to the Ministrys plan to introduce and allocate industrial land to investors, the plan indicated that it is planned to put approximately 15 million square meters of industrial land in Sadat City, Burj Al Arab and some cities of Upper Egypt.

The plan pointed out that 2019 will witness the implementation of a number of projects aimed at deepening the local industrialization, including a project in the field of manufacturing household appliances aimed at deepening domestic manufacturing of components of household appliances and fill gaps in value chains in the engineering industry

For the first time in Egypt in the first quarter of 2019, a model for the first Egyptian design and technology of automatic washing machines will be produced in a step to find a local alternative to import. The project is implemented by the Ministry of Engineering Technology Center in collaboration with a number of private sector companies and the Ministry of Military Production A project funded by the Academy of Scientific Research.

The plan also stressed that in 2019 an industrial waste management project will be launched and an initiative will be launched to establish an integrated and sustainable system to link industrial waste producers and workers in the field of management and recycling, increase the efficiency of resource utilization between factories in different sectors, On the management of industrial waste as well as injecting Egyptian and foreign investments in this field and providing many direct and indirect employment opportunities.

The national program to promote the efficiency of the use of electric motors in the industry will also be launched in 2019. It aims at promoting innovation and technology in the field of energy efficiency, providing technical support, upgrading the efficiency and capacity of factory workers, developing strategic policies and providing financing packages for the implementation of the project.

According to the plan, construction work is also scheduled to be completed in the industrial zone of Jerja in Sohag governorate, the industrial zone in Matopas in Kafr El-Sheikh governorate and the Al-Herafeyin workshops complex in Ismailia governorate and completion of work by the industrial areas of Beni Suef,

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