During the plenary session held on Monday 11th of March under the chairmanship of Dr. Ali Abdel-Aal, the House of Representatives unanimously approved the bill submitted by MP Ahmed Samir Saleh and others to issue a law regulating the Federation of Egyptian Industries, Industrial Chambers and Regional Councils for Industry.

The Council also approved a new article providing for the addition of the definition of the competent ministries, the Federation and the Chambers, contained in the draft law to prevent repetition.
The draft law stipulates that the Union of Egyptian Industries, established in accordance with the provisions of Law No. (21) of 1958, shall continue to organize and encourage industry in the Arab Republic of Egypt. It shall be governed by the provisions of the law and shall have its headquarters in Greater Cairo. The list in the history of the operation of this law shall continue whatever the decision of its establishment and shall be regulated by the provisions of the accompanying law.

The Board of Directors of the Federation of Egyptian Industries and the Boards of Directors of the Industrial Chambers shall remain in force at the date of the implementation of this law for one year following the end of its electoral cycle 2016-2019. The regulations and resolutions in force before the promulgation of this law shall continue until the executive regulations are issued. Facilities upon the presentation of the competent minister within six months from the date of its operation.

Article (18) of the draft law stipulates that each industrial chamber shall have a board of directors consisting of fifteen members. The ordinary general assembly of the Chamber shall elect twelve members by secret ballot. Four seats shall be elected for each of the categories of micro and small industries, And in the case of the absence of membership in the Chamber from one or more of these categories, their seats shall be allocated to the categories equally located between them.

The right to elect the representatives of each of these categories shall be limited to the members of the General Assembly belonging to each of them in the chamber. The number of attendees shall not be less than 10% of the total number of candidates, and the minimum number of candidates for the seats allocated to the category. The meeting shall be valid in the presence of the number of candidates for the seats reserved for the category. If the number of seats allocated to any category is not nominated, the Federation shall convene another General Assembly to hold elections for that category within one month from the date of the meeting. The first meeting, if the planned number of seats was not nominated in the new meeting, the competent minister completed the affairs of the industry number of appointment of the same category, on the nomination of the President of the Federation of Egyptian Industries .. competent minister takes the affairs of the industry of the three remaining members appointed after taking the opinion of Chairman of the Board.

The draft law stipulates that the candidate for membership of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Industry shall have the right to enjoy his civil and political rights.

The Board of Directors of the chamber is specialized in achieving its objectives.

- Drawing up the general policy of the Chamber in the field of industry represented by the coordination with the Egyptian Industries Union.
- Approve the estimated budget of the Chamber and its final account and budget in preparation for submission to the General Assembly.
- Setting up the technical, financial and administrative regulations of the Chamber and its Personnel Affairs Regulations.
- The issuance of permits, approvals and certificates of origin for the various goods required by the industrial establishments of the Chamber, to be adopted by the Federation. The Board of Directors of the Chamber may entrust any of its members with specific tasks and competencies. It may also form committees from among its members.

The Bureau shall consist of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Industry from the two proxies and the two elected members. The membership of the Bureau shall continue until the end of the session of the Board of Directors, and if the seat of one of the elected members of the Bureau is vacated for this purpose.
The Chairman of the Board of Directors carries out its general policy, which is the supreme head of the executive branch and all the employees of the Chamber, and represents the Chamber before the judiciary and against others.

The funds of the Chamber shall consist of: the proceeds of the registration fees of the establishments in the General Schedule of the Chamber referred to in Article 6 of this law and the annual contributions made by the members of the Chamber pursuant to a decision issued by the Board of Directors in accordance with the standard and method of calculation of these subscriptions, Of the capital document, provided that the subscription shall not be less than the minimum stipulated in this Law, and shall not exceed the maximum limit stated therein, and shall be paid during the first half of the financial year.

It shall also consist of grants, grants and donations from any of the members of the Chambers or from the owners of such establishments, which shall be issued by a decision of the Board of Directors of the Chamber or any of the entities of the State or from abroad. Which the Chamber obtains from its real estate or movable property, in return for the services and activities it provides to its members or to others and the return of its exhibitions or markets.

All the Chambers revenues are distributed by 70% of the expenses of the Chamber and 30% of the total contributions are transferred to the treasury of the Egyptian Federation of Industries, according to the financial position that the Chamber undertakes to submit to the Union every three months. In case the Chamber does not pay the Unions share of the total contributions of its members, A delay fine shall be imposed on the amounts due at the declared interest rate of the Central Bank. This fine shall be due from the day following the expiry of two months from the date of notification of the Chamber by the Union by payment in accordance with a letter accompanied by the arrival certificate,

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The Chamber is established by the Republican Decree No. 453 of 1958, which is one of the 20 industrial chambers of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, which includes about 4000 members, by virtue of the establishment decision, it covers the engineering industries sector in Egypt through 10 divisions.

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