Required to process the procedures for the establishment of rooms and how to determine the contributions of members

The Egyptian Federation of Industries is witnessing intensive meetings to discuss the details of the new union law, which was recently issued in preparation for a vision on the executive regulations issued within months to activate the role of the union in the service of its members.

The Law No. 2019 has achieved real independence for the Federation and its chambers of industry from the government, through the adoption of the principle of electing the President of the Federation and its proxies through the industrialists rather than the appointment of the Minister of Industry, and divided the member enterprises into three categories of large, medium and small. The new law stipulates that members of the federations boards and chambers may not continue for more than two consecutive sessions, allowing the periodic renewal of blood.

Despite the various gains made by the new law of the industrial society, there are a number of reservations and criticisms by some of the industry for the new law, which led them to submit ideas and proposals on the executive regulation of the law to deal with what they see defects in the text of the law.

The Chamber of Textile Industries raised the problem of the existence of other rooms representing sectors of the same as the incident with the dressing room, where there is a division of the room for clothing, which are collected annually.

Several industrial chambers agreed on the existence of a problem in the text of Article 27, which sets the value of members contributions at one percent per thousand of the issued capital, stressing that most of the establishments adopt an issued capital not exceeding LE100,000.

Dr. Sharif al-Jabali, head of the chemical industries chamber of the Wafd, said that the law was not presented before it was drafted on the industrial chambers. He hoped that the executive regulation of the law would address some obvious problems for everyone and stressed the need to present the draft executive law to all the chambers for details and study. Carefully before adoption.

The Chamber of Chemical Industries suggested adding the specific representation of industries in accordance with the law, so that each room is divided into four sectors. Each sector has three members: large, medium and small, which balances the representation of various industries and the financial classification of these industries with a total of four seats per category .

Mohammed Al-Mohandes, Chairman of the Chamber of Engineering Industries revealed the comments and proposals of the chamber on the law and its executive regulations. The most important of these was the request to deal with the second article so that the chambers of industry will be established by a decision of the Prime Minister after taking the opinion of chambers with related activity and approval. Some rooms have new rooms.

The Chamber also considers that the classification of enterprises into three categories: large, medium and small should be based on the issued capital in order to comply with the contributions and the registration fee, which can be seen in the regulation.

The Chamber considers that the law sets the registration fee for the establishments not to exceed one in one thousand of the issued capital or the investor, and that it is necessary to add the phrase "whichever is greater" for the identification.

As for article 20, it did not specify the details of the validity of the extraordinary general assembly if one third of the hour is not yet attended by a minimum of 20 members, whereas the text of the previous law does not require any number.

The note notes that the Chamber of Engineering Industries that Article 20 abolished the authority of the Board of Directors of the Chamber to appoint a member of the Board of replacement of those who vacate his seat and determined the holding of elections on the vacant seat, which really falls to the Governing Council.

Article 32 added to everyone related the request to dissolve the Board of Directors of the chamber from the competent court without giving time to amend any mistake, which represents instability and opportunity for non-successful candidates to challenge the elected board of directors repeatedly and disrupt its work.

The Chamber reserved the text of Article 43 of the Law, which makes the appointment of the seven members of the Board of Directors of the Federation a proposal by the President of the Federation, while not making that right to the President of the Chamber in case the appointment of the three members of each board of directors of an industrial chamber.

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The Chamber is established by the Republican Decree No. 453 of 1958, which is one of the 20 industrial chambers of the Federation of Egyptian Industries, which includes about 4000 members, by virtue of the establishment decision, it covers the engineering industries sector in Egypt through 10 divisions.

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